MANAS Lab @IIT Mandi

School of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering (SCEE)
Indian Institute of Technology Mandi

The Multimedia Analytics, Networks and Systems group at IIT Mandi works in several diverse areas includng communication networks, cloud computing, computer vision, data mining, machine learning techniques,signal processing and sensors. The group is a part of School of Computing and Electrical Engineering.

Associated Faculty Members

Faculty MemberNameArea of Research
sample imageDr. Aditya Nigam Computer vision and image processing, Medical image analysis, Machine learning, Deep Learning in Biometrics
sample imageDr. Anil K Sao Multimodal biometrics, Face recognition, Image processing, Video processing, Computer vision and Pattern recognition
sample imageDr. Arnav Bhavsar Computer vision and image processing, Medical image analysis, Machine learning
sample imageDr. Dileep A. D. Pattern Recognition, Kernel Methods for Pattern Analysis, Machine Learning, Speech Technology, Computer Vision
sample imageDr. Padmanabhan Rajan Speech processing, Pattern recognition and Speaker recognition
sample imageDr. Shubhajit Roy Chowdhury Biomedical Embedded Systems, Non invasive diagnostic systems, Near Infrared Spectroscopy, VLSI Architectures
sample imageDr. Siddhartha Sarma Resource allocation in wireless networks, Wireless sensor network and IoT, Wireless energy harvesting, Crowd sensing, Smart grid
sample imageDr. Srikant Srinivasan IoT system design, embedded systems, Raspberry Pi sensor networks, circuit design and modeling for IoT
sample imageDr. Sriram Kailasam Distributed Complex Event Processing, Cloud Resource Scheduling, Scalable algorithms for Formal Concept Analysis, Data Analytics for Scientific Data
sample imageDr.Timothy Gonsalves Design and Implementation of integrated computer and telecom networking systems, LAN switching, IP Switching, DECT-based wireless Networks, Network Management, CTI and operating systems for embedded systems


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